Eyelash extensions are becoming more and more popular with women all around the world.  It’s said women now spend more money on their eyelashes than they do on their hair. And you can see why that is; eyes are, after all, the window to your soul.

Whether you prefer a more natural look or a more dramatic one, there is something out there for everyone.

The treatment involves applying individual synthetic eyelashes to your own natural lashes, using eyelash adhesive; clients can pick their length and also what style they wish to have.

How does it work? Your lower lashes are taped down with pads and eyes closed and a qualified therapist will apply the lashes one by one. A patch test is required 24 hours beforehand to ensure that you don’t have any allergic reactions to lash glue.

What’s the effect? The result is beautiful eyelashes, yet subtle if you decide to go for the half set option. The extensions are attached 0.5mm from the root and don’t touch the skin. They fall out as and when your natural lashes drop (which they do on a daily basis).  Appointments for in-fills are recommended every two or three weeks to make them last longer; alternatively, a set will last for about 4 weeks and you can stop there if you do’t want to have them again.

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Classic Full Set: £40

Involves application of 70-100 eyelashes per eye and will give you a full yet natural looking finish.

Classic 2 week infill: £20

Classic 3 week infill: £30