Women around the world are always trying new methods to enhance their features; whether that’s hair extensions, eyelash extensions or face contouring.

Sure, many of us know how to put our makeup on but the real art of makeup is all about creating an illusion.

If you are like me, you will have tried everything and anything to make your small eyes look bigger!

Here are some tips that I have tried and tested along the way and have found work really well for me.

Contour a crease:

You may already know contouring your face can create a more defined look. The same goes for your eyes. You can use a similar technique to contour your eyelids. Simply take a contouring colour (it can be the same you use for the rest of your face) and a small buffing brush and apply the colour along your socket to create an eyelid crease. You can then apply a highlighter with the tip of your little finger in the inner corner of your eye as well as under your eyebrow in the outer corner. This will instantly open up your eye and make it look bigger.

Eyeliner to open up your eyes:

I was always told that you shouldn’t use eyeliner on small eyes, however, I find this to be a bit of a myth. If you use it correctly, it can actually help make your eyes look bigger. When using it in the entire ring around the eye (especially the water line), it can make your eyes look even smaller. The trick for this is to use a white or nude pencil in the lower waterline of your eye and a darker eyeshadow under your lower lashes. This opens up the lower part of your eyes and makes them look bigger.

Using your socket space:

Applying eyeshadow high onto the brow bone may sound like a huge make-up fail for many but, when applied on mono lids, it serves to create the illusion of a bigger, deeper eye. You do need to make sure you blend it carefully so you don’t have harsh lines under your eyebrows.

Eyelash extensions:

If you don’t want to or you don’t have time to apply makeup in the morning then eyelash extensions can quickly take your eyes to the next level by adding definition and shape to a mono lid or small eyes. The curl and length of the eyelash extensions can really define one’s eyes and make them look bigger.

Make sure you create contrasting corners:

If you want to emphasize the shape of your eye, try contrasting colours at the inner and outer corners.  Creating a large black wing lifts the eye outwards and a contrasting dab of pearl/very light eyeshadow in the inner corners will continue to extend the shape inwards, for a beautiful shape and bigger looking eyes.

Don’t forget your brows:

Your eyebrow shape plays a massive role in flattering your eyes. By looking after them and shaping them correctly for you, they will help make your eyes pop. Take a pencil , in the colour that suits your eyebrow colour, outline the eyebrow shape and then fill in the brow powder where there are any gaps. Remember eyebrows are sisters not twins, so it’s ok if they are not exactly the same shape but try and get them as symmetrical as possible.

Colour correct your lids

Many of us have lids that are a different colour to the rest of our face. Colour correcting your lids will help make your eyes pop and the neutral base will help to make the colour of any eyeshadow stand out even more, therefore opening up your eyes.

Covering up dark circles:

Before you cover up any dark circles, you need to know what undertone your skin has in this area.  For example, if you have blue undertones, you will need a peachy/red colour corrector. Only add a little at first and check if you need more. You don’t want the corrector colour to show through your foundation. Once this is blended in, apply concealer in an upside triangle shape to lift your eyes and make them pop even more.

Apply mascara to your bottom lashes

Applying mascara to the bottom lashes is often forgotten about or left out to avoid smudging. However, a bit of mascara to your bottom lashes makes a big difference and helps open up your eyes.

Eye masks:

Try using an eye mask once a week. They can reduce puffiness, fine lines and soothe your eye area making your eyes look brighter. These are quick fixes so the effects won’t be permanent. Any fine lines under your eyes are caused by dehydration so drinking lots of water will help reduce those.

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