I recently completed a course in Individual Eyelash Extensions. It was something that always interested me and many people I spoke to had opted to have theirs done. So it seemed like a good idea to start with this.

I arrived to the training academy on a Saturday morning with a friend of mine, who kindly offered to be my model for the day.

At first I was told all about different lashes (thickness, sizes, lengths etc.), what precautions I need to take, what to look out for and how to achieve different looks. After that, I was instructed on how to apply the lashes and practiced on a doll head for about an hour, which seemed quite easy. Little did I know that it really is very different to applying lashes to a real person!

I have to say I was a little naive and didn’t realise exactly how fiddly this would be. In any case, my friend then let me practice on her for 3.5 hours! She decided to go for a natural look and my trainer was there the whole time and would help me out where needed. At first I was thinking “what have I let myself into?!”. However, the more I did, the easier it became and I began to enjoy the process – Practice makes perfect 🙂

At the end of a long but exciting and very rewarding day I received my qualification and bought my starter’s kit.

I have since then been practicing on friends and clients and cannot wait to get my home studio all set up and ready for more clients. 🙂

For price lists, bookings and appointments visit my page Eyelash Extensions Cheltenham.

Thanks for reading! 🙂 x

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